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We're partnering with Israel nonprofits to support Legacy program development.


The Benefits of Legacy Giving for your organization

Legacy represents one of the largest untapped opportunities for Israel NGOs. Just as your current fundraising supports your organization today, Legacy giving provides you with a funding plan for the future to achieve long-term financial sustainability.

Build a Sustainable Funding Plan

Just as your current fundraising activities support your current operations, your Legacy program provides you with a steady stream of funds in the future to support ongoing operations or growth. Also, Legacy has been shown to increase current annual giving by your Legacy donors as well.

Build Connections and Grow your Donor Community

Through our partner program, Israel NGO and their American friends Of partners have the opportunity to expand their reach and build new connections. We’re launching several new initiatives to help bridge the gap between Israel philanthropic causes and Israel supporters around the world.

To learn more about Legacy for your Israel nonprofit organization, download our Legacy in the Legacy guide.

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If you’re interested in making Legacy part of your organization’s long-term sustainability plan, we invite you to get in touch with us to learn more.